2017 Recordings:

The Four Way Books YouTube trailer below features me reading from 57 Octaves Below Middle C. Take a minute to listen:

Recent Podcasts:

Wordplay (with Jeff Davis & Lockie Hunter) recently featured Mc on the show: Click on the link to listen, or paste the URL into your browser.

First Draft: A Writer’s Dialogue (from Aspen Public Radio, with Mitzi Rapkin) also recently featured Mc: Click on the link to listen, or use this URL to download via iTunes:

57 Octaves – Pre-Release Recordings (2015-2016):

Here is a link to a page that will take you to recordings of some of the work from 57 Octaves Below Middle C. Thanks for listening.

Some of these fiction pieces are prose poems, some of them are short-short stories. Some of them live in the uncanny places between the two. They’re from my book 57 Octaves Below Middle C. I feel fortunate the pieces can be released in this form.