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Well, yes, I’m on your favorite curb with my card table set up and my thermos of soup in front of me, interrupting your stride by calling out, “Books here! CDs! Great birthday and holiday gifts! (Gift wrap not included.)”

I’m proud of my work, including the work that has gone out of print. As much as ever, I want it to reach readers. Okay, yes, this is also a way for me to take your hard-earned money out of your pocket without doing time.

Thank you, dear readers!

"Mc" in handwritten purple ink


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Image of Mc's book cover: "At the Gate of All Wonder"

 At the Gates of All Wonder

My newest work, At The Gates of All Wonder (from Tupelo Press), has been available since September 30, 2018.

Abstract art (a photo of curling green grass, pr bamboo, or other plant), on a dramatic black background with yellow borders -- "57 Octaves Below Middle C" by Kevin McIlvoy" in black type on the yellow stripes framing the art.

 57 Octaves Below Middle C

57 Octaves Below Middle C (from Four Way Books), has been available since September 5, 2017.


Several recordings are also available here. Follow the link below to listen!


The Fifth Station (MacMillan Chess Library) [Paperback]

Kevin McIlvoy