…This site:

Dear writers, this site will always be “under construction,” since its mission is to be a welcoming place for the restless people who believe in the “radical decentering” (Elaine Scarry, On Beauty and Being Just) power of beauty.

I am restless, too, and ready.  I ask that you give me the opportunity to be in dialogue with you about your processes of composing and revising. I ask that together we assess the realized and unrealized possibilities in your draft pages where the luminous, dark forms of beauty already reside.

I mean for this site to be a step – for you and me – across a threshold into a larger discussion of our lives as artists.

…Why “mcthebookmechanic?”

I don’t have the bricks-and-mortar classroom opportunities I once had. Behind my home in Asheville, I have a hut, well-insulated and nicely heated and cooled, furnished and lighted, carpeted and set up with bookshelves and file-cabinets. I like being out here. It’s tucked into the woods above a bend of the Swannanoa River; it’s benevolently guarded by a large, old redbud tree.  The very one that you see in the seasonal photos on the headers of this website. This is my “garage” where I make my own books.

In order to stay alive, I sometimes take the book I am creating off the blocks, and I put there the book another person has created. If you park your book here I’m going to be proud you chose me over the other  mechanics you know, and I’m going to give my all to your book.  When I am done and I accept your payment, I’m going to feel good about how I earned it.

…Kevin “Mc” McIlvoy:

Kevin McIlvoy has taught creative writing for over twenty-five years, and recently served as Interim Director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Warren Wilson College. He  was Editor in Chief of the national literary magazine, Puerto del Sol at New Mexico State University, and has served on the Board of Directors of two national writing organizations, Council for Literary Magazines & Presses and the Association of Writers & Writing Programs. His published works include A Waltz, The Fifth Station, Little Peg, Hyssop, and The Complete History of New Mexico. He counts among his most significant mentors older writers who have attended his community classes.